Marcelo Almeida

Education & Certifications  

PhD, Population Sciences in Animal Health, Iowa State University, 2020

MS, Preventive Veterinary Microbiology, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, 2008

DVM, Universidade de Brasilia 2003


VDPAM 308 – Spanish for Veterinarians, Instructor-in-charge

Research Focus & Interests  
  • Health in swine populations
  • PRRSV persistence in breeding herds: what are the driving factors?
  • Surveillance at farm, regional and national levels
  • Sampling, sampling techniques, test selection, interpretation
  • New pathogens, disease control and elimination measures, risk factors
Honors & Awards  

2019       Livestock Respiratory Diseases Graduate Fellowship, 2019 – ISU CVM, Ames, IA.

2017       Best Poster Award (2nd place), Summer Scholar Research Day – ISU CVM, Ames, IA.


American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV)

PRRSV task force committee, 2020-present


American Association of Swine Veterinarians (AASV)

Selected Publications

ALMEIDA MN, Zhang M, Zimmerman JJ, Holtkamp DJ, Linhares DCL.  Finding PRRSV in sow herds: family oral fluids vs. serum samples from due-to-wean pigs.  Prev Vet Med (In Press).

ALMEIDA MN, Corzo C, Zimmerman JJ, Linhares DCL.  Longitudinal sampling in comercial sow farms highlights the challenge of PRRSV detection.  Porc Health Manag, 7, 31 (2021).

Trevisan G, Schwartz KJ, Burrough ER, Arruda B, Derscheid RJ, Rahe MC, Magalhaes ED, ALMEIDA MN, Main RG, Linhares DCL.  Visualization and application of disease diagnosis codes for population health management using porcine diseases as a model.  J Vet Diag Invest,  2021;33(3):428-438.

Holtkamp DJ, Torremorell M, Corzo CA, Linhares DCL, ALMEIDA MN, Yeske P, Polson DD, Becton L, Snelson H, Donovan T, Pittman J, Johnson C, Vilalta C, Silva GS, Sanhueza J.  Proposed modification to the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus herd classification.  J Swine Health Prod (submitted).

ALMEIDA MN, Rotto H, Schneider P, Robb C, Zimmerman JJ, Holtkamp DJ, Rademacher CJ, Linhares DCL.  2020.  Collecting oral fluid samples from due-to-wean litters.  Prev Vet Med 174:104810.

ALMEIDA MN, Zimmerman JJ, Wang C, Linhares DCL.  2018.  Assessment of abattoir based monitoring for PRRSV using oral fluids.  Prev Vet Med 158:137-145.

ALMEIDA MN, Gheller NB, Lippke RT, Mores TJ, Oliveira FTT, Bernardi ML, Corbellini LG, Barcellos DESN.  2009.  Factors contributing to lack of uniformity of slaughter pigs.  Acta Scientiae Veterinariae 37:31-37.