Antimicrobial Resistance Initiatives

The National Institute of Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Education (NIAMRRE)

The National Institute of Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Education (NIAMRRE) connects people, resources, and ideas to accelerate and synergize efforts to combat antibiotic resistance. We create meaningful, action-oriented relationships that enable a shared vision across the animal-human-environment AMR system. Our priority areas are: research, education, collaboration, and advocacy.


The National Institute of Antimicrobial Resistance Research and Education (NIAMRRE) is a member organization that drives cross-sector engagement and coordinated action to combat the global threat of Antimicrobial Resistance across humans, animals, and the environment. To achieve our mission, we have identified four distinct focus areas: research, education, collaboration, and advocacy.

  • Advancing AMR research through the cultivation of networks and resources

  • Improving knowledge and stewardship of AMR through training and outreach

  • Convening cross-sector AMR stakeholders for the purpose of action

  • Raising awareness of AMR and advocating for AMR-specific funding

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  • Involvement of over 100 research faculty with expertise in numerous scientific disciplines from multiple academic institutions.
  • Involvement of medical and veterinary teaching hospitals, colleges, and universities.
  • Involvement of researchers from USDA Agricultural Research Service facilities.
  • Involvement of leading medical and veterinary clinical bacteriology diagnostic laboratories.
  • Comprehensive, accredited testing capabilities for AMR detection by a variety of methods, pharmacokinetic testing, and toxicology testing.
  • Validated, diversified offering of small and large animal models of infectious disease for novel hypothesis testing related to AMR treatment and outcome.
  • Exceptional network of extension specialists to help disseminate knowledge and research outcomes.
  • ISU’s Center for Food Security and Public Health is a leader in educational outreach to public health and veterinary communities world-wide.
  • Extensive network of state, regional and national commodity, industrial and government stakeholders with interests in AMR.

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We Want You Involved

In the complex landscape of antimicrobial resistance, working together as mutual stakeholders allows for rapid and sustainable progress to be made. We value the input and involvement of all stakeholder groups and hope that you will join our team. Please contact us to see how you can get involved!

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