CVM Timeline for Promotion and Tenure

Please refer to the Provost website for additional details 

Note: This timeline is subject to change if changes occur at the University level. Some departments within the college may have additional deadlines, some of which may be earlier. Effective June 14, 2017

May 1 

  • Reminder by the Chair of upcoming deadline to Faculty members eligible for P&T consideration and the time schedule for applications for the next academic year. 

June 1 

  • Deadline for faculty to notify the Chair in writing of their intention to submit an application for promotion and/or tenure. 

Throughout June 

  • Provision of copies of P&T Policies and Procedures from the department and college governance documents, ISU Faculty Handbook and other sources. 
  • Faculty provide names of at least three potential external reviewers to the Department Chair. The Chair identifies additional external peer reviewers. 
  • The faculty member works with the Chair to prepare materials (Tab 1, Tab 2, examples of scholarship etc…) to be sent to external reviewers. 


  • Faculty members submit their completed promotion and tenure vita, faculty portfolio and current and prior position responsibility statements and supplementary materials to the Department Chair. 
  • P&T packets and instructions are sent to external peer reviewers. 


  • Faculty applications with letters of reference and Position Responsibility Statements are turned over to the P&T Committee by the Department Chair 
  • Departmental P&T Committee meets 

November 1-10 

  • Departmental P&T Committees votes on candidates for P&T. 
  • The departmental P&T Committee summarizes the results and prepares recommendation in writing for review by the department P&T committee. 
  • The department P&T Committee Chair composes the letter to the Department Chair that summarizes the votes and outcome for each candidate. The letter is reviewed and approved by the committee prior to submission of the final draft to the Department Chair. 

November 13 

  • Department P&T Committee Chair turns in finalized committee recommendations and all P&T materials to the Department Chair. 

November 18 

  • Department Chair submits the P&T package to the Dean for each applicant, the P&T Committee report, the outcome of the vote of the faculty, and the Department Chair’s recommendations. 

November 23-27 

  • CVM Committee meets and receives packets to begin review 

December 5-9 

  • CVM Committee meets and completes their assessment and letters on each candidate. 

December 15

  • CVM P&T Committee sends completed packets with assessment letters to CVM Dean 

December 15 – January 

  • CVM Dean reviews the P&T packets for each applicant, the P&T Committee report, the outcome of the vote of the faculty, the Department Chair’s recommendations and the CVM P&T Committee assessment and prepares recommendations for the Provost. 

January 12 

  • Materials due in Provost office