International Visiting Students

Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine welcomes international veterinary medical students from partner institutions to join our clinical rotations. We'll assist you in planning your visit and getting you situated upon your arrival. Please review the entry requirements listed on the U.S. Department of State website when planning for your visit. Please follow below steps to apply for an externship at ISU CVM:

STEP 1: Complete Application 
Students who want to participate in clinical rotations at ISU must complete the online application. Start this application at least 5 months before the intended start date. You will be asked to provide your rotation interest, CV, recommendation letter, passport information, etc. Any changes to your intended travel plans and any personal schedule change that might affect your travel plans must be communicated to CVM International Programs ( as soon as possible. A lack of communication can lead to failure to be placed in rotations of your choice.     

STEP 2: Wait for Confirmation by Email from CVM International Programs
CVM International Programs will contact you once we have verified your information, confirmed that our faculty is able to host you, and received all necessary signatures of approval. This process can take up to 3 weeks to complete.

STEP 3: Apply for the B-1 Visa or the Visa Waiver Program
CVM International Programs will supply you with a letter of invitation once we have confirmed your visit. You can use this letter for verification when applying for your visa. Make sure to print out the invitation letter and bring it with you for the immigration officer when entering U.S. customs. 

STEP 4: Explore Housing Options

  • ISU DVM students might have extra bedrooms for rent. CVM International Programs can help connect the visiting student with local students
  • ISU has guest housing on the main campus. For more information, please check the ISU housing website 
  • The visiting student can look for short-term housing on his/her own. Websites for hosting rentals include Airbnb, craigslist, Facebook Marketplace. 

STEP 5: Check-In Upon Arrival
Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine
International Programs
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Veterinary Medicine Administration, Room 2270B
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