Funding Opportunities


College of Veterinary Medicine Scholarships

These scholarships award up to $1,500 per student. Students can apply for these scholarships more than once. To be eligible for the scholarships, you need to receive ISU credits from your international experience. Credit approval process can be found here.  Application for these scholarships is within the travel registration in ISUAbroad.  

Hutton International Veterinary Scholarship

The Hutton International Veterinary Scholarship was established in 2007 by Norman and Shirley Hutton to help veterinary students gain an increased perspective of the global aspects of veterinary medicine outside of North America.

Dean's International Education Award

The Dean's International Education Award was established in 2021 to help DVM students pursue international experiences that enhance their academic study at ISU.   

ISU Professional Advancement Grants (PAG)

Professional Advancement Grants (PAG) are provided to graduate and professional students by the Graduate and Professional Student Senate (GPSS) to help defray expenses related to professional meeting and conference travel. The amount of a PAG award fos approximately $200.

Please email or if you have questions or concerns.

External Scholarships

SAVMA International Veterinary Experience Scholarship

The International Veterinary Experience Scholarship is funded by the International Veterinary Experience Committee (IVEC) of the Student American Veterinary Medical Association (SAVMA). The International Veterinary Experience Scholarship is awarded to deserving SAVMA members who demonstrate a strong desire to participate in a veterinary-related international experience. Eight awards will be distributed this year in the amount of $500 each. Applications must be electronically submitted. Please Check SAVMA Website for Deadline. 

Merck Veterinary Student Scholarship Program

Merck Animal Health and the AVMF are dedicated to preserving and improving the health and well-being of animals as well as honoring exceptional veterinary students. Merck Animal Health is proud to show its dedication to veterinary students by providing $5,000 scholarships to second and third-year veterinary students. Deadline typically in December; Applications may open early in November; see website for updates.

IVSA Scholarship and Travel Grant Program

To promote the global exchange of ideas and culture, and to improve veterinary education worldwide, IVSA annually provides between 50 and 100 scholarships of $500-$2,000 for veterinary students to use for their educational needs, such as traveling abroad to gather valuable experience with veterinarians in a different country to their own. Applications typically open in August; see website for updates.  

National American Association of Equine Practitioners

National American Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) Student members are encouraged to apply for one of the AAEP Foundation Scholarships. Over $45,000 in scholarships are awarded annually to veterinary students who plan to pursue a career in equine veterinary practice and exhibit academic excellence and leadership in activities that benefit the health and welfare of the horse. December 1 (deadline varies depending on scholarship). 

Solar Action Alliance Scholarship

Solar Action Alliance is a group of environmentalists who wants to spread the word about the cleanest, reliable, and abundant source of renewable energy, the sun. A $1,000 scholarship is awarded to a hardworking, motivated student. Annual scholarship deadline is July 1. The winner will be notified by August 1.

American Veterinary Medical Foundation Scholarships

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation (AVMF) is the charitable arm of the AVMA. For over 50 years, the AVMF has been dedicated to our mission of embracing and advancing the well-being and medical care of animals. Charitable contributions and support to the Foundation help veterinarians help animals. AVMF has a number of scholarships that can be used for international travel. Please check their site for the most updated information. Deadlines vary.

The Paul J. Orloff Memorial Veterinary Scholarship

Metropolitan Shuttle awards scholarships to veterinary Students at participating veterinary colleges across the US. The company awards $1,000 each year per participating institution to a student who submits the best essay on how they plan to harness technology to effect positive change in their chosen sphere of veterinary medicine. The winner must currently attend a participating institution or must have already been admitted for the forthcoming school year. 

International Scholarships

The International Scholarship Search is the premier financial aid, college scholarship, and international scholarship resource for students wishing to study abroad. At this site, you will find the most comprehensive listing of grants, scholarships, loan programs, and other information to assist college and university students in their pursuit to study abroad.

National Debt Relief Scholarship

National Debt Relief is creating a new scholarship for students interested in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) majors. National Debt Relief will award 5 scholarships of $1,000 each to outstanding college students pursuing studies in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) fields. 

Explore the World Travel Scholarship

Explore the World Travel Scholarships provide $2,000 to help recipients finance their international trip as long as they have an educational or service component to their itinerary. Who can apply? Permanent US residents between 18–30 years of age attending school in one of the select metropolitan areas where HI USA has a community presence. The application deadline is typically in May; see the website for updates.

United Planet Student Scholarship

United Planet is dedicated to making our programs accessible to all those who wish to form relationships abroad. As former students ourselves, we know how valuable cross-cultural experiences are, both for furthering your education and developing skills to work in a globalized world. United Planet offers three $500 Student Scholarships toward any of our Short or Long-Term Individual Quest programs. We invite all students to apply, whether they are currently attending high school, college, or graduate school. Applications for United Planet Student Scholarships are typically accepted until May; see website for updates.

Go Overseas Volunteer Scholarship

Go Overseas offers two $500 scholarships for individuals to volunteer or intern abroad in the spring and fall each year — travelers are invited to volunteer with any organization of their choosing. The award is distributed directly to the volunteer organization itself, which ensures that the funds are used entirely for the project. 

Human Interaction Project Scholarship

Founded in 2014 by world traveler, Leon Logothetis, the Human Interaction Project (HIP) aims to educate others through real-life, hands-on experiences that impact change on an individual and global level. See website for deadline.

MSD Animal Health/WVA Veterinary Student Scholarship Program

MSD Animal Health and the World Veterinary Association (WVA) are delighted to announce the 2020 Veterinary Student Scholarship Program that is dedicated to veterinary students from four world regions with the aim of enhancing their academic experience. Following the successful delivery of the MSD Animal Health/WVA Veterinary Student Scholarship Program 2016, 2017, and 2018, MSD Animal Health and WVA agreed to continue the successful collaboration and to launch the 2020 Veterinary Student Scholarship Program to include 41 scholarships of US $5,000 (of a total of $205,000) to be granted to selected students from countries in the regions of Latin America (16 grants), Africa (10 grants), North Africa/Middle East (10 grants) and Asia/Oceania (5 grants).

Eligibility requirements for students: • Not a recipient of any previous MSD Animal Health/WVA scholarship. • Citizen of one of the countries under the grant coverage. • Registered for the current academic year at a recognized school of veterinary medicine in the country. • Have successfully completed all first-year exams. • Registered in the second - or third year of the program (or equivalent if the program is longer than 4 years). • First and last year students are not eligible candidates for this scholarship program. The applications will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee of the WVA Veterinary Education Working Group.