CVM Office of Research/Grad Studies Seed Grant Programs

Three programs provide small grants for CVM faculty to engage in research that may lead to larger, collaborative, extramural funding opportunities. Junior faculty are encouraged to apply as are experienced faculty who are transitioning into a new area of research with potential for collaborations.

The CVM Seed Grant Program (spring submission) supports innovative projects that have the potential to open up opportunities for extramural funding. Projects related to livestock animal health are eligible under this program but PIs are encouraged to consider submitting under the USDA Capacity Animal Health and Disease Program.

The USDA Capacity Animal Health and Disease Research Program (spring submission) formerly called Formula Funds, promotes the general welfare through improved health and productivity of livestock, poultry, aquatic animals, and other income-producing animals that are essential to the food supply of the United States and the welfare of producers and consumers of animal products. It includes the health of horses, disease prevention in domestic and wild animals, improved methods for the control of organisms and residues in food products of animal origin, improved housing and management of animals, minimizing losses due to transport and handling, protecting human health through control of animal diseases transmissible to humans, controlling births of predators, and expanded programs of research and extension. 

The Iowa Livestock Health Advisory Council (ILHAC) Seed Grant Program (winter submission) addresses the concerns of producers throughout the state of Iowa based on a list of Research Priorities, which is updated annually. Research proposals addressing current priorities in swine, dairy cattle, beef cattle, poultry, and sheep and goats are chosen based on the strength of the proposal and the ability to address the priorities of a commodity group or all species. Supplemental funding is available to support a first or second year DVM student who is accepted into the CVM Summer Scholar Research Program.