CVM Advisory Council

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Council Purpose

The Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) Advisory Council (hereafter known as Council) provides forward-focused perspectives and advice serves as an advisory group to the college leadership to help advance the college’s mission and strategic objectives while providing members with rewarding opportunities to engage in and impact education, healthcare and the many communities CVM serves.

The Council shares our commitment to excellence in all the college does, built upon the values CVM embraces to foster collaboration, diversity, equity, innovation, intellectual curiosity, opportunity and transparency.

The Council’s guidance and advocacy help CVM strengthen instruction, research, clinical service and outreach programs; improve its facilities; serve its alumni and industry partners, and expand its relevance, reputation and support base.

While all Council recommendations are purely advisory, CVM leadership is committed to accountability and follow-through.

CVM Advisory Council
Front Row: Dan Grooms, Sherry Johnson, Susan Chadima, Linda Lloyd, Lorraine Hoffman, Brianna Teel, Michelle Sprague

Back Row: Scott Armbrust, Daniel Edge, Aubrey Cordray, Liz Wagstrom, Marv Johnson, Allison Flinn, Mike Roof, Stepehn Juelsgaard, Bob Wesner, Craig Rowles, Dan Whitney