Clinical Rotations and Internships

Students are not restricted to participate in the programs listed below. If students find their own international preceptorship, please discuss with International Programs Coordinator Xiaoshuang Wei ( ISU credits and the college study abroad scholarships are available to students pursuing independent experiences. 

Below is the list of our current active exchange partners. They can work with you to arrange clinical rotations, internships or research opportunities. To start, explore the partners’ websites. Once you find a university that interest you, make an appointment with CVM International Programs ( to plan out your next steps.

ISU CVM exchange partners:

Students have pursued independent clinical rotations and internships in the past. Historic records of where students went for preceptorships are available upon request ( Additional opportunities can be found on the AVMA externship locator, select international locations.

International Travel Quarantine Policy: students returning from international experiences involving food animal OR equine must observe a 5-day quarantine period before working with large animals (equine or food animal), entering the large animal hospital, or participating in any zoo experiences.

Academic Credits
Students can receive ISU credits for eligible international veterinary experiences.

Please note, students can only take up to 9 credit hours of 7490 level courses. Please discuss other credit options with the faculty approvers if you are reaching this credit limit.

Both VCS 7496 and VDPAM 7496 count towards DVM degree elective requirements (VM1-VM3 students are required to have 4 credits of electives; VM4 student elective requirements vary by Option; please consult DVM Curriculum website for details regarding elective requirements). 

Travel Registration and Health Insurance

  • All students participating in clinical rotations/internships abroad must register their travel to be covered by the International Health Insurance. The ISU International Health and Safety Insurance provide international travelers basic and emergency medical insurance, security evacuation services, emergency travel assistance, and destination-specific safety and security information. This plan is not available for personal international travel.
  • After submitting a complete registration, insurance information will be emailed to you roughly a month prior to your travel.
  • For expedited processing for a visa application or trip departing within a week, please call the international risk manager at 515-294-6916.

Proof of Health Insurance Letter
If you require proof of coverage for visa applications or other consular requirements, you may submit a Proof of Insurance Request Form. More information on visa requirements for U.S. citizens traveling abroad.

Liability Insurance
The ISU Student Professional Liability Insurance provide professional liability coverage to students participating in domestic or international preceptorships. The policy is for veterinary students who plan to work in a clinical setting. When accepted for coverage, this policy will protect students against professional liability claims and may facilitate employers’ willingness to provide internships or cooperative education programs. The policy has a $250 deductible, which each individual obtaining the coverage will be responsible to pay in the event of a claim. This is intended to offer coverage for students who do not currently have professional licenses.

Obtain Liability Insurance
Apply online for Professional Liability Insurance for Vet Med Internships/Preceptorships

Proof of Liability Insurance:If you need a certificate of liability insurance, please email