CVM Receives Petco Love Grant for South Dakota Program

August 25, 2021

Iowa State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine has received a $6,000 grant from the Petco Love (formerly The Petco Foundation) for a program it annually runs at the Crow Creek Indian Reservation in South Dakota.

For over a decade, a College of Veterinary Medicine team led by Dr. Joan Howard, clinical assistant professor of veterinary clinical sciences, and originally by Dr. Melissa Ciprich, has provided spay, neuter, and preventive care for the tribe’s dogs, cats and horses. Over the course of a three-day clinic, Iowa State veterinarians, veterinary students and volunteers conduct full physical examinations, give vaccinations, deworm and treat the animals for other minor conditions.

The grant was submitted by Dr. Jennifer Scaccianoce, clinical assistant professor in veterinary clinical sciences. The service trip is part of a two-week clinical rotation, “Clinical Practice in Diverse Communities.”

“We typically provide preventive medicine services or treat minor illnesses for 100 horses, 100 cats and 250 dogs over that three-day period,” Scaccianoce said.

Approximately half of the animals treated are canine and feline spay and neuter surgeries and equine castrations. All of the procedures are done free of charge.

The clinic also shows the Iowa State veterinary students the importance of population control, public health, preventive medicine, cultural diversity, surgical skills and how to run an outreach clinic.

The College of Veterinary Medicine plans to use the Petco Love grant to cover the cost of consumable surgical supplies, minor equipment upgrades and travel expenses when the group returns to Crow Creek in June 2022.

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