David E Verhoeven

Assistant Professor
2152 Patterson Hall
Education & Certifications  
  • BS, Animal Science, 1997, UC Davis
  • PhD, Comparative Pathology, 2006, UC Davis


  • Present                                 Instructor-in-charge, Micro 604, Research in progress seminar

  • Present                                 Instructor-in-charge, Honors 290, Undergraduate instruction in biotechnology (Freshmen)

  • Present                                 Instructor-in-charge, BMS 490, Undergraduate instruction in biotechnology

  • Present                                 Instructor-in-charge, BIO 499, Undergraduate research
Research Focus & Interests  
Defining immune responses to mucosal pathogens, respiratory bacterial vaccines, viral/bacterial co-infections of the lungs, viral induced immunopathology (influenza and RSV), pediatric immunology, CD4 T-cell responses to respiratory pathogens and HIV.


  1. Vaccines for antigenic variable viruses symposium---Scientific committee Vaccines for antigenic variable viruses symposium---Organizational Committee
  2. Vaccines for antigenic variable viruses symposium---Organizational Committee
  • American Association of Immunologists (Full member) AAAS
  • Society of Leukocyte Biology
Selected Publications  

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  1. Premenko-Lanier M, Rota PA, Rhodes G, Verhoeven D, Barouch D, Lerche NW, Letvin NL, Bellini WJ, McChesney MB. DNA vaccination of infants in the presence of maternal antibody: a measles model in the primate. Virology. 2003. 307(1):67-75.
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