Matt Brewer

DVM, PhD, Diplomate ACVM
Associate Professor
Dr. Frank K. Ramsey Endowed Chair
2758 Patterson Hall
Education & Certifications  

B.S.    Biology, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire

D.V.M. Iowa State University

Ph.D.  Pharmacology, Iowa State University

Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Microbiologists (Parasitology)


V Pth 376. Veterinary Parasitology

V Pth 353. Introduction to Parasitology

V Pth 548. Diagnostic Parasitology Laboratory

Selected Publications  

Jesudoss Chelladurai, J., C. Bader, T. Snobl, D. Magstadt, V. Cooper, and M. Brewer  2015.  Toxocara vitulorum in a cohort of beef calves in Iowa.  Veterinary Parasitology.

Agbedanu, P., K. Anderson, M. Brewer, and S. Carlson.  2015.  Doxycycline as an inhibitor of p-glycoprotein in the alpaca for the purpose of maintaining avermectins in the CNS during treatment for parelaphostrongylosis.  Veterinary Parasitology.

Brewer, M., P. Agbedanu, M. Zamanian, T. Day, and S. Carlson.  2013.  Evidence for a bacterial lipopolysaccharide-recognizing G protein-coupled receptor in the bacterial engulfment by Entamoeba histolytica.  Eukaryotic Cell  12: 1433-1438.

Brewer, M., N. Xiong, K. Anderson, and S. Carlson.  2013.  Effects of subtherapeutic concentrations of antimicrobials on gene acquisition events in Yersinia, Proteus, Shigella, and Salmonella recipient organisms in isolated ligated intestinal loops of swine.  American Journal of Veterinary Research  74: 1078-1083.

Agbedanu, P., M. Brewer, T. Day, M. Kimber, K. Anderson, S. Franklin, M. Rasmussen, and S. Carlson.  2013.  Involvement    of a putative intercellular signal-recognizing G protein-coupled receptor in the engulfment of Salmonella by the protozoan Tetrahymena.  Open Veterinary Journal  3: 69-74.

Stock, M., K. Fiedler, S. Acharya, J. Parker, G. Miynarczyk, S. Anderson, G. McCormack, S. Kanuri, N. Kondru, M. Brewer, and S. Carlson.  2013.  Antibiotics acting as neuroprotectants via mechanisms independent of their anti-infective activities.  Neuropharmacology  73: 174-182.

Herges, G., G. Widmer, M. Clark, E. Khan, C. Giddings, M. Brewer, and J. McEvoy.  2012.  Evidence that Cryptosporidium parvum populations are panmictic and unstructured in the Upper Midwest United States.  Applied and Environmental Microbiology 78: 8096-8101.

Xiong, N., M. Brewer, K. Anderson, and S. Carlson.  2012.  Non-typhoidal Salmonella encephalopathy involving lipopolysaccharide in cattle.  Veterinary Microbiology  162: 285-287.

Barnhill, A., M. Brewer, and S. Carlson.  2012.  Adverse effects of antimicrobials via predictable or idiosyncratic inhibition of host mitochondrial components.  Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy  56:4046-4051.

Brewer, M., N. Xiong, and S. Carlson.  2011.  Comparisons of Salmonella conjugation and virulence gene hyperexpression mediated by commensal and pathogenic protozoa from domestic and exotic ruminants.  Veterinary Microbiology 151: 301-306. 

Xiong N., M. Brewer, K. Anderson, K. Weeks, and S. Carlson.  2011.  Expression of a collagenase that enables blood-brain barrier penetration for Salmonella implicated in bovine encephalopathies.  Microbial Pathogenesis 51: 230-232.

Xiong N, M. Brewer , K. Anderson, G. Watrous, K. Weeks, A. Barnhill, T. Day, M. Kimber, and S. Carlson. 2011. Beta-lactam antibiotics prevent Salmonella-mediated encephalopathy regardless of beta-lactam resistance.  The Veterinary Journal 192: 535-537.

Xiong, N., M. Brewer, T. Day, M. Kimber, A. Barnhill, and S. Carlson.  2010.  Comparisons of Novel Salmonella Virulence Phenotypes Observed in Cattle and Swine.  American Journal of Veterinary Research 71: 1170-1177.