Continuing Education & Webinars

Welcome and thank you for your interest in continuing education and webinars from the College of Veterinary Medicine.. 

Now more than ever it is understood that the scope and reach of veterinary medicine encompasses nearly every aspect of animal health, human health, and our environment. Demand for veterinarians is increasing dramatically as society expects more engagement of veterinary medicine in protecting our food supply, animals, and humans, as well as in rapid, effective diagnosis, treatment, and control of emerging and re-emerging diseases.

To meet this rising demand the College of Veterinary Medicine continues to build and expand its teaching, research and service programs. One manifestation of this development is a burgeoning distance education program. Time has been taken in crafting the classes and information to reach far beyond the confines of the college to students, staff and professionals in veterinary medicine and related fields throughout the world.

Please explore the current offerings and remember to check back frequently for new content and opportunities as subject matter experts work to expand this program.