The ISU VDL Serology department is pleased to announce the availability of a PRRSV oral fluid IgM-IgA ELISA.

This assay will provide detection of PRRSV IgM-IgA in piglets in the presence of colostral IgG, allowing a differentiation between maternal antibody and PRRSV infection. It would be available as a confirmatory assay of unexpected positive results for both the PRRSV RT-PCR and the PRRSX3 ELISA. 

For more information about the research fueling this new onboarding, please see Dr. Marisa Rotolo's article, Building a better mouse trap: New PRRSV oral fluid IgM-IgA ELISA in National Hog Farmer.

If you are interested in requesting this test, please write in the test name on the Swine Health Test Request Form under the Serology heading. 

For any questions, please contact the ISU VDL at 515-294-1950.