After Hours

Emergency Services

After-hours emergency service is available on weeknights, weekends, and during University holidays by calling our on-call student at 515-290-1969 who can assist and also provide access to diagnostic pathologists and toxicologists.


Delivery of specimens to the ISU Vet Diagnostic Lab after business hours can be placed directly in a refrigerator located inside the VDL submission door foyer.

After entering the foyer, follow the procedure below for unlocking the refrigerator and leaving samples for submission:

  • Paperwork MUST accompany the submission. If you do not have paperwork completed, please do so with the forms provided and place the submission form with the sample(s).
  • Place the sample into the refrigerator in the foyer.
  • Log your submission on the log sheet provided. Please fill out as much information as possible, so we can contact the submitting veterinarian if there are questions.