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About ISU VDL Case Reports and Invoices


ISU VDL Case Reports consist of diagnostician notes and interpretation, diagnostic tests ordered, and the results associated with each test. Case Reports can be viewed on the Client Web Portal, emailed, mailed, or faxed to ISU VDL clientele.

Electronic notations will be noted on ISU VDL Case Reports when specific testing has been conducted in part, or in total, at a "Referral Laboratory", and when an assay (test) has not been fully validated for the testing conducted. Referral Laboratories are defined as laboratories outside the scope of ISU VDL’s American Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosticians Accreditation. ISU VDL commonly utilizes the services and resources of other laboratories (both internal and external to ISU) when providing its services to clientele.

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Reporting Options for Case Reports

The ISU VDL provides 3 options for real-time access to case results.

Option 1. Access via Client Web Portal

The ISU VDL has long provided VDL clientele (Submitting Veterinarians, Clinic, or Organization) access to real-time case results via the ISU Client Web Portal. More recently, the ISU VDL has created the ability for VDL clientele to permission their specific Owners and/or Sites permissioned access to view their case results or make electronic submissions via the VDL Client Web Portal.

For more information about our ISU Client Web Portal, please visit online.

Option 2. Daily Summary Report

The Daily Summary Report provides a mobile-friendly list of all of your open or active VDL cases in a singular email each day when VDL Clientele have new or updated case results available. The Daily Summary Report provides a quantitative summary of test results for each case and a hyperlink to the dynamic case report. Clients can readily forward any one of the case reports listed in the Daily Summary via email on their phone or personal computer. An individual person within a given Submitting Organization (Clinic) can readily manage the reporting preferences for the Submitting Organization (Clinic) and/or each of the individual Submitters (Veterinarians).

Option 3. Special Reporting Requests

Special Reporting Requests are intended to be used when VDL clientele have case-specific reporting needs for something other than, or in addition to Access via the Client Portal or the Daily Summary Report. Special Reporting Requests are client-derived via checking the appropriate box and providing the necessary email or fax information on the Submission Form. Special Reporting Requests result in a static version of the case report which is distributed each day new information becomes available on each case. Special Reporting Requests are managed and reported on a case-by-case basis (i.e., 1 email or fax for each individual case for each day new results become available) starting at 6:00 pm CST.

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ISU VDL Case Invoices consists of charges for diagnostic tests ordered credits received and fees associated with the case. Case invoices can be viewed on the Client Web Portal, emailed, mailed, or faxed to ISU VDL clientele.

We have developed some Best Practice Guidelines for those utilizing invoices via the ISU VDL Web Portal. This tool has enhanced visibility to invoices, payments made toward invoices and credits applied; it is also completely sortable and searchable. Download the PDF guide here.



Please contact Dr. Katie Woodard (ISU VDL Client Services) at 515-294-1950 or if you have questions or concerns.

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