Quality Assurance

The Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Lab (ISUVDL) is a full-service diagnostic laboratory which develops and maintains its quality system to deliver accessible, accountable, timely, and accurate diagnostic services to its clients in an environment of continuous improvement.

The ISUVDL is committed to good professional practice, high value service, and strives to meet or exceed the requirements of its clients, accrediting bodies, and regulatory agencies.

The ISUVDL quality program incorporates the following:

  • All personnel are familiar with the ISUVDL quality system and agree to the implementation of its policies and procedures in their work
  • Standardized policies and procedures are written, approved, periodically reviewed, and made available to personnel
  • Reagents and standards are traceable and assessed prior to use 
  • Nonconformance events are documented, investigated with a root cause analysis, and process changes are implemented to prevent event recurrence
  • Client feedback is solicited and monitored
  • Periodic internal audits verify compliance to requirements and identify areas for improvement
  • Accurate diagnostic results are provided through validated test methods
  • Personnel are trained and periodically assessed for ongoing competence to perform their work
  • Participation in voluntary and mandatory proficiency testing programs
  • Critical equipment necessary to perform testing is maintained and calibrated
  • Sample identity and integrity is assured throughout the testing process
  • Ongoing quality of test results is assured through planned monitoring

The ISUVDL maintains the following accreditations and affiliations: