Submission Information

Specimens should be sent to the following address:

Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory
Iowa State University
1937 Christensen Dr
Ames, IA 50011-1100

We receive U.S. Mail and UPS deliveries Monday through Saturday.

We also receive walk-ins between 8am -5pm on regular business days (Monday-Friday); however, samples received after 4:45pm may not be accessioned until the following business day.

After-hours Submissions

Samples delivered to the ISU VDL after-hours can now be placed directly in a refrigerator located inside the VDL submission door foyer.

Specimen Submission

The VDL only accepts specimens referred by a licensed veterinarian (exceptions may include government officials, research scientists, and corporate partners). The appropriate submission form must accompany all specimens. Clients can find our submission forms either on the client web portal or by clicking the ‘Forms’ tab above.  There are multiple types of submission forms for clients to choose from. If submitting tissues, please choose the ‘Pathology Request Form’ since it is multi-species and tailored to our tissue submissions. If submitting blood, serum, feces, swabs, oral fluids, etc., please choose one of the ‘Health Test Request Forms’ based on the species the samples were taken from. If submitting samples for rabies or chronic wasting disease (CWD), clients do not need to be referred by a licensed veterinarian and they have their own submission forms on our website. The CWD submission form can only be accessed via our client web portal sign-in page.   

Filling out Submission Forms

When filling out a submission form, we ask that our clients fill it out as completely as they can and be sure to include all necessary information. When choosing tests, be sure to indicate only the samples you want tested. For example, if sending in 10 sera but are only wanting tubes 1-5 tested for PRRSV PCR the form should indicate that choice on the ‘Test Samples’ line. If there is any additional information or requests that are needed for the case, those can be added in the ‘Additional Information and Test Requests’ section present on each submission form. Client web portal training modules on how to fill out submission forms can be found here.

How to Send in Samples

The ISU VDL prefers that samples are sent in a leak proof box with ice packs and paperwork/labeling that is protected from leaks. For more in formation about appropriate shipping conditions and our shipping discount, please click here.

How to Submit for Best Practice

In 2017 the ISU VDL implemented the Best Practice Submission Discount program to encourage clients to enhance the quality and consistency of the samples sent into the lab. The discount is additive to the Web Submission Fee Credit and clients will receive a 10% discount on qualifying submissions. In order for submissions to qualify they must:

  • Be submitted electronically
  • Include a valid premises ID number (PIN) on livestock submissions
  • Request testing in one of the following
    • Molecular department
    • Serology department
    • BVD ear notch IHC
    • Salmonella enteritidis testing
  • Completely fill out submission form
  • Consecutively number samples and what is written on the tube is listed on the paperwork
  • Receive samples in reasonable condition, preservation and containment
  • If submitting serum, it should be spun before arrival at the lab

Below are some resources to further help clients submit for Best Practice