Research Submissions

The ISU VDL accepts research submissions as part of our normal caseload. The cases will be assessed the same fees as our regular diagnostic submissions. If sending in a large research case, we ask that our clients inform us ahead of time so that we can prepare for the volume of samples.

When submitting a research case, please remember to:

  • Completely fill out the submission form and be sure to indicate ‘Research’ under ‘Reason for Test’
  • Provide a sample sheet listing all samples sent in with all pertinent info on it. 
  • Neatly label all samples
  • Package samples in order

Research Case Reminders

  • Research cases are NOT guaranteed same day testing/results  
  • If need results by a certain date, please indicate that in the ‘Additional information/Test Requests’ section


The VDL Pathology section offers its services for research submissions.

These cases will be assessed the same fees for slide preparation as a regular diagnostic case submission. Fees for slide evaluation, interpretation, and lesion scoring will be assessed based on the time required and the complexity of the research protocol. Research cases should be submitted with a research cover sheet AND an ISU VDL submission form specifying test requests. Samples will be held for 30 days post-testing unless there is an otherwise specified prior agreement with ISUVDL. Please contact the laboratory’s research coordinator, Dr. Rachel Derscheid at 515-294-1173, before submitting a pathology research case for coordination of sample delivery, estimated fees, turnaround time, and deliverables desired.

If sending in a large research case or you have any comments, questions or concerns, please reach out at 515-294-1950 or email us as (ATTN: Dr. Colosimo-Roth).