Research Analytical Support

In addition to providing world class diagnostic services, the Analytical Chemistry Services (ACS) section of the ISU-VDL also provides analytical support for various research projects where quantification of small molecules is needed.  ACS can develop a customized analytical method tailored to a particular project.  Common projects needing analytical support include pharmacokinetic studies, veterinary drug residue analysis, and environmental contaminant analysis.  The lab has significant expertise in small molecule quantitative and qualitative analysis. (We generally refer requests for metabolomics or proteomics services to the corresponding Core Laboratories on the main campus at Iowa State University.)  If you have a project in need of analytical support please fill out our Research Projects Request Form and contact the lab for more information.  Analysis fees for custom analytical methods will be determined based on the complexity of the project.    

Projects Recently Submitted to ACS for Custom Analysis

PK studies:

  • Flunixin in porcine plasma
  • Amlodipine in feline plasma
  • Benazeprilat in canine plasma

Other projects:

  • Beta-lactam residues in caprine tissues and milk
  • Salicylic acid residues in bovine milk and plasma
  • Pesticide analysis in avian tissues
  • Neonicotinoid residues in pollen, plant, whole bee, and water