ISU VDL Client Web Portal

The ISU VDL developed a user-friendly system for enhancing accuracy and consistency of farm data needed to elevate VDL client records to the electronic era; improve the state of preparedness across VDL’s client base; and capture the efficiencies and quality assurance benefits gained by adopting electronic means of information transfer. Thus, we have improved web tools that provide a mechanism for consistently incorporating the correct premises level identifiers into VDL records. 

We strongly encourage an initial phone or on-site consultation with a VDL staff member to ensure personalized libraries of Owners and Sites are set up in such a way that serves your specific purposes.

Please contact Dr. Katie Woodard  (515-294-1950 or for details).


Web Submission Fee Credit

The ISU VDL is implementing Web Submission Fee Discount (currently, $10/case accession) in order to encourage clients to enhance the quality and consistency of their data.

Requirements to Qualify:

1. Use of ISU VDL submission forms generated electronically from ISU VDL’s Client Web Portal 

  • Livestock submissions - web or paper (EID)
  • Non-livestock submissions - web only

2. Inclusion of a valid premises identification number (PIN) barcode label on livestock submissions

  • PIN requirement for discount applies only to livestock submissions
  • PIN is automatically printed onto ISU VDL submission forms generated electronically (web or paper-based) from ISU VDL Client Web Portal.

3. Inclusion of state of origin (ie animal location state)