LVMC Code of Mutual Respect

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The LVMC is a place of treatment, care and healing, where everyone is expected to be treated with dignity and respect. In order to provide an environment conducive of treatment, care and healing for our staff, clients, and patients, disruptive conduct in the LVMC is grounds for client suspension of services.

Disruptive conduct may include behavior such as:

  • Physical violence or threatening physical gestures
  • Abusive language (threats, profanity, yelling)
  • Sexual language or conduct directed at others
  • Discriminatory language
  • Possession of unauthorized weapons on our premises
  • Possession of or being under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or illegal drugs on our premises
  • Photography or audio/visual recordings in LVMC facilities without express written permission
Violators are subject to removal from the facility and may not be eligible for continued LVMC services.