Companion Animal Fund

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Please call 515-294-2531 to make a donation by phone.

If you're a person who loves animals, you know it's an endless joy to be with them. They love us, forgive us, trust us, and enrich our lives in so many ways.

And like people, our companion animals can suffer from a variety of health problems. At the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center, we strive to provide animals with the best that veterinary medicine has to offer.

Fortunately, hundreds of animal lovers have helped us improve animal health through the Companion Animal Fund.

The Companion Animal Fund provides a way for you to honor a beloved pet or pet lover, show support for a grieving friend, and improve the health of thousands more companion animals.

All gifts, great and small, go directly to support improvements in animal health care. These include the purchase of high-tech instruments that make treatments less invasive, physical improvements that add comfort to patients, and research to provide new solutions for the diseases and disorders that afflict our animal friends.

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Gifts to the Companion Animal Fund provide a special way for you to:

  • memorialize a beloved companion, or express sympathy for a friend or family member's loss of an animal companion
  • show appreciation for the love and comfort a special animal has given to you or others
  • honor or recognize a person who loves and values animals
  • express appreciation for the medical or surgical care your veterinarian provided
  • celebrate the achievements of a pet or a pet lover, a pet's birthday, or joy for your animal's recovery from a disease or accident


Since its founding in 1983, the Companion Animal Fund has comforted thousands of individuals whom were informed that their veterinarian, a friend, or a relative had made a monetary gift to honor or memorialize their beloved pet or loved one. Gifts to the Companion Animal Fund support quality animal health care.

CAF gifts are used to:

  • Improve patient facilities in the ISU Veterinary Medical Center
  • Purchase equipment for diagnosis and treatment of companion animals and horses referred to the hospital by private practitioners
  • Enhance the efforts of the ISU’s veterinary specialists who are constantly seeking better solutions to treat and prevent the diseases and ailments afflicting companion animals

Nearly every area of the Veterinary Medical Center has been improved as a result of the Companion Animal Fund. At a glance, patients and their caregivers will see:

  • Cats only ward – CAF funds paid for remodeling that created a hospital ward exclusively for cat care. The creation of separate wards is a benefit to both species, as the dogs and cats are both calmer in their respective patient wards.
  • New Dentistry Suite – instead of providing dental treatments in the surgical suite, a new dental room was created. Separated from hectic traffic in other hospital areas, the specialized features of this room include a ventilation unit to confine the aerosol from dental procedures, keeping both patients and caregivers safer.
  • Good Samaritan Care – in select situation, the CAF has helped pay for the veterinary care where an owner did not have the resources for the care or for animals without owners. In most cases, a donor designates this use of a CAF gift.
  • Research – CAF dollars have helped fund studies of mast cell tumors, mammary tumors, animal shelter euthanasia methods, pet loss grieving, and other companion animal health issues.
  • More exam rooms – we have doubled the number of general exam rooms, allowing more cases to be seen and reducing the waiting time.