Iron Dog Fund

IronDog Fund gift box

The ISU Iron Dog Fund supports animals hospitalized in the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center at the Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine. The increasing cost of veterinary care and the current state of the economy can force pet owners to make difficult decisions based on financial constraints. In many cases, curative treatment options are available, yet not affordable. Gifts to this fund are used to support the veterinary care of these wonderful companion animals.

Our Mission
The IRONDOG Fund was originally founded at Michigan State University with the intent to support the medical and surgical treatment of animals hospitalized at the MSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital. The IRONDOG Fund assists financially in providing veterinary care for animals in cases where the prognosis is good, but the owner’s funds are limited.

The Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine established its chapter of IRONDOG in 2012. Our goals are aligned with the MSU Chapter; our purpose is to assist clients that have to make difficult decisions based on financial considerations. It provides financial support to cases where curative options are available, but are not affordable.In today's economy, it occurs too often that animals are not provided life saving care because it is not affordable, even if treatment options are available.

The IRONDOG program has been very successful at MSU in assisting the local community. Iowa State University has a group of interested and dedicated house officers, faculty, and staff that have worked many hours to develop this program and offer this service to our community here in Iowa. We recognize the financial constraints that some of our clients face at our hospital, as there are currently no other funding sources available to help offset the costs of cases in which the only obstacles to successful outcomes are financial limitations. In addition, as this is a teaching institution, we feel an obligation to demonstrate for our students the role of the veterinarian as a responsible, engaged member of the community.

As a chapter, we work locally to generate a funding stream through hospital- and college-derived donations, individual fund generation, and sponsoring an annual 5K running/walking event each fall in which we emphasize healthy lifestyles of people and their animal companions.

The ISU Chapter of IRONDOG is maintained by the ISU CVM Surgery Club.