State-of-the-Art Equipment Comes to LVMC

April 8, 2022

A new piece of equipment will allow the Lloyd Veterinary Medical Center’s (LVMC) Large Animal Hospital to further advance its already high level care for equine athletes and food animal species patients.

The LVMC took delivery this week of a state-of-the-art laparoscopy/arthroscopy tower which will continue to strengthen the surgical capabilities of the LVMC at Iowa State University. The Ultra HD 4K imaging capability will improve visualization of lesions and enhance minimally invasive surgeries that help to decrease pain, complications and improve outcomes in large animal and equine patients.

“We have had similar equipment in the past, but this new advanced technology provides us with high-definition images of the joint, abdomen, thorax, etc.,” said Dr. Marc Kinsley, executive director of hospital operations at the LVMC. “We will use the equipment in surgeries to better identify areas of concern, allowing us to provide a higher level of care and diagnostic capability for our large animal patients.”

Funding was provided by the Dr. W. Eugene and Mrs. Linda Lloyd Fund for Excellence in the College of Veterinary Medicine.