Parasitology PhD for DVMs

Course Requirements for Veterinary Parasitology PhD
VPTH 576 Veterinary Parasitology 4 Cr
VPTH/VMPM 660 Pathogenesis of Persistent Infections 2 Cr
GR ST 565 Responsible Conduct of Research in Science and Engineering 1 Cr
V PTH 548 Diagnostic Parasitology Laboratory 1 Cr
V PTH 606B Diagnostic Interpretation - Case Materials for preliminary examination reg Cr R
V PTH 699B Research variable Cr
Biological Sciences(List A) 11 Cr
Additional Electives ( List B) Note: Additional courses may be recommended by the POS committee variable Cr
List A: Recommended Courses in Biological Science
BBMB 404, 405 or BBMB 420 Biochemistry I, Biochemistry II or Mammalian Biochemistry 3 Cr each
GEN 409* Molecular Genetics 3 Cr
MCDB/GDCB 511 Advanced Molecular Genetics 3 Cr
VMPM 575 Immunology 3 Cr
VMPM 520 Medical Immunology I 4 Cr
VMPM/BBMB 615 Molecular Immunology 3 Cr
MCDB/GDCB 528 Advances in Molecular Cell Biology 3 Cr
A, B, C
Introduction to Molecular Biology Techniques 1-4 Cr
BBMB 411 Techniques in Biochemical Research 4 Cr
List B: Recommended Additional Courses
VPTH 542/V PTH 342 Anatomic Pathology I 3 Cr
V PTH 590B Special Topics (B = parasitology section) 1-4 Cr
V PTH 549 Clinical Pathology Laboratory 1 Cr
V PTH 551 Postmortem Pathology Laboratory 1-3 Cr
V PTH 604 Pathology Case Seminar 2 Cr
V PTH 530 Teaching and Learning Veterinary Medical Education 3 Cr
HG ED 561 College Teaching 3 Cr
V PTH 605B Current Topics - Defense Seminar 1 Cr
The PhD degree requires 72 credits. Twelve must be taken outside of VPTH.
*Gen 409 - Basic molecular genetics
Revised 07/11/23