VMPM Graduate Program

Our Department offers a graduate program in Veterinary Microbiology with these options:

  • MS in Veterinary Microbiology
  • MS (non-thesis) in Veterinary Microbiology
  • PhD in Veterinary Microbiology

VMPM Program Requirements

A minimum of 30 credits is required for the MS degree and 72 for the PhD degree (the MS degree is not a prerequisite for the PhD program). Students usually require two years to complete the MS program and at least three years for the PhD program.

Faculty members in other ISU departments and at three local USDA facilities participate in the graduate education and research programs of VMPM. And VMPM faculty have integral roles in teaching and extending research opportunities to graduate students pursuing interdepartmental majors.

Majors within Interdepartmental Graduate Programs

MS and PhD degrees in Interdepartmental Graduate Programs:

Research Areas

A broad range of basic and applied research is represented by the faculty who participate in our graduate programs. These include: immunomodulation, vaccine development, infectious diseases, microbiology, microbial genetics, microbial pathogenesis, molecular virology, diagnostics, epidemiology, food microbiology, and food safety.