Surgical Services

A wide range of surgical services are offered and are dependent on patient needs tempered with consideration of the finances of a livestock operation.

Routine surgeries such as displaced abomasal correction, cesarean section, rumentotomy, and abdominal exploratories usually take place in our standing surgery suite under local anesthesia. More complicated procedures such as umbilical abscess removal, tube cystotomy (for urethral obstruction), and fracture repair occur under general anesthesia with the assistance of a highly trained anesthesia staff.

Orthopedic procedures include fracture repair, treatment of septic joints and tendon sheaths, and other bone and joint conditions. Minimally invasive surgery is offered (laparoscopy) for removal of retained testicles and other abdominal procedures reducing the amount of time off post-operatively while minimizing the size of the incision and scar. Our Theriogenology Group also performs Laparoscopic AI and ET in small ruminants.