Beef Extension

The Beef Veterinary Extension program is an outreach program of the Department of Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine within the College of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University. Our purpose is to support practicing veterinarians, extension specialists, county extension agents and beef livestock producers in the state of Iowa. We work collaboratively with faculty in Food Supply Veterinary Medicine, Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory and the Iowa Beef Center. The primary focus of the program is health management for cow-calf and feedlot producers. We achieve our mission by:  

  • Supporting practicing veterinarians with field investigations
  • Supporting extension specialists with local issues
  • Providing continuing educational programs for beef cattle veterinarians
  • Assisting veterinarians and extension agents with local producer meetings
  • Providing information to veterinarians and beef producers
  • Develop extension bulletins and fact sheets
  • Working with allied organizations such as Iowa Veterinary Medical Association, Iowa Cattlemen’s Association and the Iowa Beef Industry Council
  • Providing information to the public through radio and newspapers
  • Conducting research on important beef issues such as animal health and welfare


Dr. Grant Dewell
Veterinary Diagnostic and Production Animal Medicine
Iowa State University
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Ph: 515-294-2822
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