Analytical Chemistry Services

VDL Analytical Services group

PhAST (Pharmacology Analytical Support Team) is composed of veterinary clinical pharmacologists and toxicologists supported by analytical chemists. The group is centered around a laboratory facility with a focus on high throughput analyses intended to quantify exogenous and endogenous compounds (e.g. drugs, toxins and biomarkers) in organic matrices. PhAST is developing innovative analytical methods that will provide rapid analytical support for livestock producers aimed at 1) improving the health and welfare of livestock and 2) safeguarding international trade agreements and public health. PhAST also provides analytical services in support of multiple samples, known analyte, pharmacological and toxicological research for academic, industry, and government entities.

PhAST is committed to offering a professional service characterized by accurate analysis of batches of submitted research samples with a commitment to a short turnaround time (less than 90 days). Contact lab for pricing and availability (515)294-1950.


  • We are the first unit within a Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory to offer confirmatory drug residue testing for practitioners

  • We are the first unit within a Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory to offer analytical support for pharmacology researchers

  • We were the first lab to do anabolic steroid testing in horses in the USA

  • We are still the only US lab that offers steroid profiling by GC/MS

  • We have an assay that can screen for 300 + compounds in a single run

  • We have 5 staff members each with over 20 years of racing lab experience

  • We are large enough to offer complete testing capabilities, small enough to offer individualized customer service to the client

  • We are the first unit with a Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory to develop and validate a comprehensive multi-class, multi-residue, method to screen and quantitate veterinary drug residues in a broad range of biological fluids and tissues.  This method has been commercialized by Thermo Fisher Scientific as the VetDrugs Explorer Collection.