Selection Procedure and Benefits

Resident Selection Procedure

First year residents are recruited from internship programs or private practices. A D.V.M. degree or its equivalent is a prerequisite. Small animal medicine faculty evaluate applications and final selection of the resident is made through the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program. Selection is based on:

  1. The individual's curriculum vitae, including college transcripts.
  2. A letter of intent containing the applicant's statement of interests and goals.
  3. Reference letters from a minimum of three people.
  4. Prior veterinary experience.
  5. An optional interview.

Employment and Benefits

The stipend for residents is currently $29,000; incremental annual raises are awarded in the second and third year.

Residents accrue annual leave at the rate of 12 hours per month of employment. One day of vacation uses 6 hours of vacation time. This is due to university policy which classifies residents as postdoctoral students. Total vacation time is equivalent to 24 days a year. Annual leave may only be taken/granted for the amount of vacation time accrued. Vacation time is to be taken when the resident is not scheduled to be on clinic or emergency duty. Requests must be made on the standard University Leave Form well in advance, and must be reviewed by the Residency Program Coordinator and signed by the Small Animal Medicine Section Chief and the Chair of the Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences or the Hospital Director. Except in unusual circumstances, approval will not be granted for annual leave during the final 3 weeks of the program.

The Veterinary Medical Center has normally provided $1,000.00/year as an academic development fund. These moneys may be used to purchase journal subscription, to pay dues for annual veterinary society memberships, or to help defray the cost of attending national veterinary meetings such as the ACVIM. A cell phone, desk, chair, place for book storage, and 5-drawer filing cabinet are also provided for each resident. A computer system is provided with word processing, spread sheet and presentation programs along with unlimited Internet access and E-mail.