Resident Supervision

One medicine faculty member, board certified in Small Animal Internal Medicine will serve as the Resident Advisor or Supervising Diplomate. This advisor will directly oversee the resident's training and act as a liaison with other faculty members in the College of Veterinary Medicine.

An interim advisor will be assigned by the Residency Committee to help the resident with initial planning and registration with the American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine. The Residency Committee will select a Resident Advisor no later than the end of the fall semester following input by the resident. The Advisor must be consulted and approve requests by faculty for the resident to participate in teaching, research, or other activities. The Advisor will serve on the graduate committee for a Master of Science or Doctoral program for residents choosing this option. The Resident Advisor may not serve as the Major Professor unless approval is given by the Residency Committee.

Resident Evaluation

The progress of each resident will be evaluated twice yearly by the small animal medicine faculty. Small animal medicine faculty are responsible for guidance of the medicine resident and constructive criticism to aid the service, academic, and professional development of the medicine resident. Each medicine resident will be requested to evaluate the medicine service faculty and residency program annually.