Staying Motivated

February 2017

What an interesting Spring semester it has been thus far. I have to admit that my motivation has not been up to par with previous semesters, but it has been a little difficult to focus with 60-70 degree weather and clinics in ~70 days!  Regardless, the most interesting classes this semester are Ophthalmology and Radiology (even though Radiology lives up to its reputation of making life a struggle bus, and I am clearly biased when it comes to Ophthalmology).

Additionally, I am beginning advanced junior surgery next week as well which will get me back into practicing my surgical and anesthesia skills, so I am looking forward to that. To prepare us for clinics, we are enrolled in an “Intro to Clinics” this semester which requires us complete mini-rotations and become more familiar with the clinical setting so we can have a smooth transition. It has been helpful for those who are not familiar with the small animal and large animal clinics. Outside of class, I have been trying to keep a semi-decent sleep schedule this semester and stay active by going to the gym.

Unfortunately, the vet-school plague seems to be circulating and I have contracted it. This is a terrible time to be sick considering we have three exams this week, but I suppose what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?

Wish me luck.