Plan your fourth year wisely

June 2018

The past month of rotations has flown by! I have completed two rotations, started my VetPrep program, and have registered for the North American Veterinary Licensing Examination (NAVLE) and with the Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine.

So far, my rotations have provided a great opportunity to get to know classmates that I previously haven’t spent much time with. Now that everyone is closing in on a career path, it has been great to create a network of species experts that I will be able to refer to in the future. 

I am currently on the animal welfare rotation, so I am still within the food animal department of ISU CVM. Even though this rotation also covers companion animals, I don’t have any small-animal-focused rotations until August. This rotation has covered a variety of facilities and species including, an animal shelter, backyard laying hens, a beef feedlot, an equine stable, a swine operation, a dairy farm, and a zoo. It really allows for a broad overview of each species and the tools currently available in order to assess and possibly audit each of them.

For my next rotation, I have a preceptorship planned with Iowa Select Farms. I am excited to get off campus and apply the swine knowledge that I have gained during my time at ISU. I would say scheduling preceptorships has been pretty straight forward for myself, and the majority of my classmates.

Veterinarians and their companies have been really open to taking students and if you are lucky, some will help or even cover the housing and travel expenses. Be sure to research and plan ahead when considering how you want to spend your fourth year, blocks can quickly become filled with required rotations.

Until next time,