Looking Forward

March 2018

I can't believe it is literally a month away until I have my last finals and I start clinics. It feels like time has flown by with all my ups and downs in vet school.

Sitting in class it becomes more real that my dream is coming true. It's hard to stay focused knowing that I will get to work with animals everyday in just a month! I am really excited for a lot of my rotations, especially my rotation with Blank park zoo and my shelter rotations at Wayside Waifs and North Carolina Humane Alliance. It will be so exciting to work with exotic animals and  learn what we can apply from current vet med procedures into these unique "wild" creatures!

For my shelter rotations I am excited to put into action what I have learned from being apart of such an amazing club. I have been the president for shelter medicine club for the past two years and have enjoyed learning that I have such a true passion in shelter medicine. I love the community aspect of shelter medicine and knowing that the entire focus is on the animals, their well being and helping their way into finding a new home! I am excited to get my hands wet, just got to get through finals haha!