Electives, Mini-Rotations, Clubs, & Conferences

February 2018

The semester is now in full swing with two exams down and plenty to go before clinical rotations begin in May!

There are a lot of species-specific electives offered this semester, including poultry diseases, small ruminant production medicine, entrepreneurship, equine lameness, and equine surgery. I am enrolled in the poultry and small ruminant courses, given that these species are minimally covered in the core curriculum.

For another course, third years are required to complete mini fourth-year rotations. These experiences allow us to see what some of the fourth year rotations are like. I have been able to spend some time with ophthalmology, primary care, rehabilitation, and dermatology thus far. It has been beneficial to help decide whether I want to spend two weeks with those specialties during my fourth year.

As a wet lab coordinator for AABP, we just finished our annual hoof trimming wet lab. Around sixty club members were able to work with cadaver feet, donated by a slaughter plant. The feet allowed members to practice trimming with hoof knives and grinders, apply hoof blocks, give local anesthetic nerve blocks, and perform digit amputations.

I am also currently working on my oral presentation for the 2018 AASV Annual Meeting in San Diego in March. Luckily, ISU holds practice sessions each year for presenters to receive feedback from other students, faculty, and visiting practitioners. These sessions can be nerve-racking, but they really do better prepare students for their conference presentation.

Until next time,