Almost to the fourth-year

April 2017

Time is starting to move very, very quickly. It seems not too long ago that the semester was just beginning. At this point, I will be finished with finals and in clinics in 10 days. It’s extremely exciting, but also slightly terrifying. 

We have spent the past three years in pre-clinical academia awaiting the day we finally enter clinics, and the time is upon us. Clinical rotations begin the day after our last final, unless you are beginning overnight ICU (you start 8pm the day of your last final in that case … good luck soldiers). Getting all the loose ends tied-up, all outstanding assignments, and our last surgeries in the books has really cemented this reality for me. However, I still need to make it through finals one last time. 

This semester has been a challenging one for many people, including myself. It’s difficult to push through the scholastic burnout, endless hours of studying, and sitting all day long. However, clinical rotations are kind of like a “pseudo” light at the end of the tunnel (with graduation being the real one). 

It feels wonderful to be excited again, and to finally be doing what I came to veterinary school to do using all of the knowledge I’ve gained over the past three years. We’ll see how excited I am after finals though… someone pass the coffee?