Application status lists where your application is in the process, including application final decisions typically posted mid-February. This is updated by our admissions team so a delay may be possible.

This this is the Messaging System used by our Admissions Team to communicate with applicants. It is also known as the “Message Board.” Applicants must use this messaging system when corresponding about their application unless directed to email by the Admissions Team. This keeps all correspondence in the same file as your application.

Outstanding prerequisites needed will be listed here. Transcript updates are generally due January 20 and July 1 after you submit your application.

Confirmation of the submission of your supplemental application.

This shows our in-office GPA calculations. If you have questions about how we calculate GPA, please post those to the Messaging System.

Once both of these show “received” your supplemental application process is complete. Students who submit the supplemental application but not the electronic signature page or processing fee will not have a complete application.

This section allows you to review terms of use, and helpful links including Terms of Use and Deadlines. Remember it is your responsibility to check messages and your status page frequently to track the status of your application throughout the process.