Preference is given to Iowa residents for approximately 60 positions. Approximately 30 positions are allocated to residents of contract/cooperative states (North Dakota and Nebraska) and approximately 71 remaining positions allocated to non-resident/non-contract applicants. You are placed in the respective state or non-resident/non-contract applicant pool based on the legal state of residence as listed on your VMCAS application.

Iowa residency is determined by the Registrar’s Office at Iowa State University. Further information on residency can be found online.

Applicants who are in the process of obtaining Iowa residency during the application cycle must contact the Registrar’s Office if they want to be included in the Iowa applicant pool. The Registrar’s Office will contact the College of Veterinary Medicine Admissions Office letting them know the applicant’s intention. The College of Veterinary Medicine Admissions Office needs to receive this notification by January 15 of the year the applicant plans to matriculate. If the applicant is offered admission and residency is not obtained by the time the applicant matriculates, it may impact the status of their admit offer.