Equine Option

A Equine Option is one of four species specific tracks VM4 students can take in the College of Veterinary Medicine. Students take a required block of courses which are multi-species oriented and exist in all types of clinical practice including radiology, primary care, anesthesiology, intensive care/emergency medicine, surgery (both small animal and food animal), and necropsy and clinical pathology. In addition, student rotations include instruction in small animal medicine, food animal medicine and equine medicine.

In addition, students in the Equine Option are required to take courses in equine medicine or equine services, equine surgery and equine reproduction. Additional rotation choices are available and students may repeat some rotations. Fourth year students also may use external experiences for credit including preceptorships in small animal, equine and food animal medicine as well as a preceptorship at the Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines.

Detailed information on courses in the Equine Option

Iowa State University College of Veterinary Medicine facilities and affiliated facilities that VM4 students will utilize in the Equine Option include:

equine ultrasound

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