Isaiah Castellanos, recent BMS graduate

"The Master’s program really prepared me for the level of academic rigor that is expected in a professional program compared to undergraduate. The program is a great stepping stone to get ready for what it takes to be successful in professional programs, like a DVM program."
Calie Peterson, 2018 graduate, current DVM student at ISU

"The One-Year master’s program really helped me with multitasking and focusing on several different subjects. You always need to study one or two more topics each night while getting ahead on a few others just in case something unexpected happened. This skill really helps my success in the DVM program because it was a good step up in taking control of your own study habits and schedule planning that I needed for professional school."
Kathryn Kriss, 2017 graduate, current DVM student at ISU

"The BMS Master’s Program gave me the mental framework for being successful working in the Biology field, including preparing me for my PhD program in Biomedical Sciences."
- Benjamin Schneider, 2017 graduate, current Biomedical Sciences PhD student at ISU