Student Support

Since the Iowa State College of Veterinary Medicine became the first public veterinary school in the U.S. in 1879, its graduates have excelled as leaders in all facets of the profession in all parts of the world. To continue this long tradition of excellence, as a part of Moving Students Forward, the college seeks support for general scholarships, diversity scholarships, experiential learning, and graduate student support.

The debt that today’s veterinary students carry is concerning, and general scholarships help keep an Iowa State education accessible for students with a passion for veterinary medicine. Diversity scholarships support future veterinarians and researchers of all backgrounds and enrich the learning experience for all students in the college. Support for experiential learning allows students to pursue leadership roles in the college’s 33 student organizations or participate in international study trips or preceptorships. Finally, graduate research fellowships enable top graduate students to work alongside faculty mentors conducting important studies in the areas of animal and human health and food security.

Thank you for considering a gift of student support that will help the College of Veterinary Medicine prepare tomorrow’s leaders in veterinary medicine.

For information on more specific ways to support the College of Veterinary Medicine, please contact a member of the development team.

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