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Employment opportunities are listed in this on-line database, allowing students AND alumni to access the most recent position vacancies. Hundreds of positions are listed, ranging from positions in government or industry to positions in practices throughout the country.

The database allows you to search by type of practice, type of employer, or state in which the position exists. The database also lists preceptorships available for senior veterinary students (these are distinguished from permanent positions under the category of "job type").

Steps to Register for CyHire:

  1. Go to the following web site
  2. Click on the employers link.
  3. Click on the ‘Sign up and post job’ tab for quickest way to get your job posted.
  4. (Please register using a business e-mail address in which only you have access. You will have a choice as to which email address resumes are sent when posting a position.)
  5. Complete the form and click on "submit".
  6. Helpful hints: Add Veterinarian or Veterinary Associate to the job title to easily search key word “Veterinary”. When choosing the year of student, be sure to click DVM student (senior applies to an undergrad), and also click on Alum if both are acceptable to the position. You can choose multiple categories by doing a ctrl-click.
  7. Once we approve your registration, you will receive a system e-mail with your login information to go back in at any time and make updates.
  8. If you receive an email from ISU with questions on your employer registration, please be sure to reply back to that email as requested otherwise your job posting cannot be approved.
  9. If you have a problem getting registered, please let us know Good luck in your search!


CVM Student Job Opportunities - Summer and Semester

ISU Access Plus Student Job Board

This job board provides summer and semester part-time jobs from the College of Veterinary Medicine; check tab "veterinary medicine/animal care". Also, this site lists jobs from other ISU colleges and departments, and jobs external to the University. CyHire is used for full time post-graduation jobs.

Note: Remember to check the VetZone Online Student Newsletter for job listings as well; especially jobs with short deadlines.

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CVM Electronic Job Board

electronic job board

CyBox spreadsheet that contains veterinary opportunities that are communicated to our College of Veterinary Medicine. It includes veterinary jobs, internships, externships, and summer opportunities.

CVM Electronic Job Board

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Additional Job Resources

Salary Survey and Calculator


This survey is a compilation of the most recent statistics as graduating seniors enter the job market. It indicates the range and average of starting salaries, and an estimate of distribution of graduates. This data is voluntary and self-reported by graduates; therefore, is not verified as to accuracy. The AVMA publishes data from all Colleges of Veterinary Medicine yearly.

Interviews & Salary Negotiations