2016-2017 Excellence in Education Grants Program Recipients

  1. Development of an Interactive Pathology Case Bank using Articulate 360 E-Learning Software and the Iowa State University Lightboard Studio
    Dr. Shannon Jones Hostetter, Lisa Gestrine, Dr. Amanda Fales-Williams, Dr. Austin Viall
  2. The Case Correlation Assignment: Comparing efficacy of written communication to freshman veterinary students in published vs. senior veterinary-student authored case reports
    Dr. Amanda Fales-Williams, Dr. Rebecca Burzette, Dr. Shannon Hostetter, Dr. Austin Viall
  3. Development of virtual 3D dog brain: Integration of whole and sectional representation of neuroanatomy
    Dr. Etsuro Uemura, Dr. Heather Greenlee
  4. Proposed method to develop a multi-species tool for formative and summative assessment of clinical reasoning among professional veterinary students
    Dr. Brett Sponseller, Dr. Reneé Dewell, Dr. Rebecca Burzette, Dr. Stephanie Caston, Dr. Grant Dewell, Dr. Amanda Fales-Williams, Dr. Albert Jergens, Dr. Amanda Kreuder, Dr. Jean-Sebastien Palerme, Dr. Paul Plummer, Dr. Alejandro “Alex” Ramirez, Dr. Jessica Ward, Dr. Yuko Sato, Dr. Bianca Zaffarano
  5. Development and Use of Active Learning Resources to Enhance Veterinary Student Large Animal Education
    Dr. Jennifer Schleining, Dr. Amanda Kreuder, Dr. Tyler Dohlman, Dr. Stephanie Caston, Dr. Troy Brick, Dr. Kelly Still-Brooks, Dr. Frank Cerfogli